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  1. I was hoping to at least some items from him, which so far hasn't yet happened. Consider yourself lucky if you're actually gotten some goods from him. Time's a'wastin' - time to get the show on the road.
  2. He's MIA, and unresponsive to PMs, email, and feebay msgs.
  3. Makes one wonder if the BATF gives inconsistent answers like the IRS routinely does.
  4. Thanks for sharing. I once had a G series FAL stored at a local gunshop. For those who don't know, the G series FALs were originally manufactured as machine guns, and then were subsequently imported and 're-manufactured' by Browning into semi-auto rifles. The receivers remained machine gun receivers. Only three items on the rifles were affected, i.e. the trigger plunger was replaced with a semi-auto trigger plunger, the selector was replaced with a semi-auto selector (which was merely a full auto selector with a tab to block FA and that tab could be ground off on a concrete surface in less than five minutes lol), and the safety sear was removed. From the perspective of the BATF, once a machine gun, always a machine gun. There were 1,836 G-series and GL-series FALs imported from '59-'63 before the BATF caught on. Since these rifles were scattered across the countryside far and wide by the time they caught on, they issued an amnesty for the 1,836 rifles which included the serial #s for all the affected guns (and the guns listed by serial # remained 'legal' so long as there was no evidence of conversion to FA). So when a zealous BATF agent showed up to check the books at the gun shop where I had my G series in storage she freaked out. She was wanting to seize the rifle and take it out of town with her. I had to take a copy of the amnesty letter down to the shop (they had misplaced the one I left with the rifle). So it really is a good idea to document what the real deal is. I'd like to have that pdf file. Please email it to me at sukhoi_fan (a t) yahoo (d o t) com TIA
  5. Thanks for the input, but as far as I can tell this was strictly a matter of the retaining spring blocking the axle bush aka the trigger group locking pin. I kept bending the spring slightly until it allowed the axle bush/pin to pass through, but I'm still not happy with the tension from the spring. I don't think there's sufficient resistance to keep it in place. For those of you with unmolested pin arrangements, is it very easy to push the axle bush through? Dadgum tiny spring alone cost $5 thru my local Benelli dealer. You'd think they would get the spring right when they made it. Got a machinist friend who had a M4 until someone made him an offer he couldn't refuse. I'm going to see him tomorrow and have him take a look at it to see if that tension can be increased.
  6. I acquired my M4 from a private party who had not fired it, however he'd had his dealer install the Tacstar sidesaddle style shell holder. And that installation required the removal of the original axle bush, retaining spring, washer and retaining clip. I had to order the replacements - $42.00 (ouch!), as those four parts didn't come with the gun. I installed them in sequence as called for in the manual, i.e. retaining ring first into the hole on the left side of the receiver, then the flat washer, then the retaining clip using split ring pliers. So far so good, except I noticed that the G-shaped retaing spring was nearly in the center of the hole. So I managed to bend it some to the side in order to allow for the axle bush to pass through. The trouble now is that the axle bush will still not insert from the left side of the receiver even though the trigger group is aligned with the receiver well enough for it to pass through from the right side up to the retaining spring. So do I need to bend the retaining spring further out of the way? The very slight bevel on the end of the axle bush doesn't seem to help it along. The manual makes it look so easy.
  7. Just got my black synthetic conventional buttstock from Choate installed on my Benelli 121 M1 (one of the early ones manufactured in 1980), and it's pretty sweet combined with the modified Super 90 M1 forend. Due to a mix-up, Choate initially sent me a pistol grip buttstock and I had to sent it back since that's not what I wanted. (The pistol grip version they have looks kinda funky). So an FYI for anyone wanting to switch out their original 121 soft wood furniture with black synthetic furniture.
  8. Sukhoi_fan

    M4 and Slugs

    I've gotten superb accuracy with BRI sabots out of my Benelli 121 M1.
  9. Sukhoi_fan

    M4 and Slugs

    How about BRI sabots?
  10. USPS doesn't guarantee delivery of Priority Mail packages within 2 or 3 days because their system is so fubared. I sent a Priority Mail envelope from Austin to Arkansas this past week and when I checked the tracking it went through Portland Oregon. Instead of taking 2 days like it should have it took 4. I've also had first class letters arrive quicker than a Priority Mail envelope to the very same addressee.
  11. Thanks for the input, that's what I'm looking into.
  12. I'm finishing up a couple of shotgun projects, a Model 12 and my pet 121 M1, and I need recommendations for the optimum recoil pads. So please share your experiences. TIA
  13. "Son, when you really need it, there's no such thing as too much gun." -Audie Murphy's response to a youngster's exclamation "That's too much gun!" in a gunshop when the kid was looking at a new 8" Model 29 on display in the case
  14. Depends on where you live of course, and the way you've set up your environs. From my POV, there have been instances of home invasions with hi-cap semi-autos, so JIC that should ever happen, my first in line go to gun is and will always be the AK with the drum. I can de-escalate to the 12 ga or .45 or .40 on the fly from there depending on the threat assessment, and still have the AK in immediate ready reserve. I'd give up my M4 and my pistol before I'll ever give up the AK. Naturally some sort of dynamic entry by home invaders will have me picking up the AK vs. picking up the .40 or M4 if the dogs go on alert.
  15. The AK option was not included in the poll for some reason. Make mine an AK with a 75 round Norinco wind-up drum.
  16. I'm looking for an original forend in good condition for a Super 90 M1, so if you have one laying around after adding a Surefire forend, please PM me. TIA
  17. Thanks, gonna look into it.
  18. Could you please post a source for that B&T mount? TIA
  19. Tacstar extension on my M4 only allows +1 as well and was 'professionally' installed (previous owner had it done).
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