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Carry case for Benelli M4 ?


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I have the Pelican with just the foam inside. Unob asks a good question. Because the Pelican is a heavy mofo in itself. I don't use it just to go to the range. More for long distance. I think about 25lbs if I recollect. So if traveling, yes. It has wheels, yada yada and it's the best. But to traverse just to the range. Look around for Blackhawk 42inch bags. They can be had at a decent price and work fine.




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I have a Voodoo Tactical version of the 5.11 double rifle bag that I use to haul firearms out to the shooting range. It would be horrible for travel that didn't include the bag on my back.


That LaRue combo looks sweet for the best of both worlds without much compromise other than your $$$$. I wish I needed one so I could justify the purchase.

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Said the same thing, by time I put 2 rifles in it with all the gear, you are talking about something you hope you didn't have to carry. Mine has wheels and a handle, but it still is a back breaker... For traveling distance, transporting, etc.. definitely worth it. But typical rifle bags are just fine... try cramming all that in and not break your back, lol... Obviously, Pelican above, dual range bag below.




FYI ... the Pelican is big and heavy. Took it to the range once and that was it, bought the 42" 5.11 after that experience.
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General knowledge information:

Pelican Products Inc, bases in Torrance California, acquired Storm-Hardigg early 2010. Pelican cases are regarded as top-of-the-line cases commercially utilized for shipping/transporting sensitive equipment. Pelican-Storm cases are more of a consumer case but still offers excellent protection for electronics and other sensitive equipment.


im3200 is a Pelican Storm case

1720 is a Pelican case.


That is why you will notice a $$ difference between two seemingly similar sized Pelican / Storm cases.

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My .02. I dislike hard cases of any kind. Too big, too bulky, too heavy, and too hard to cover up with stuff in the vehicle to hide the fact that there are weapons in there in the first place.


Whenever I put weapons in my SUV for transport, they are totally covered up so any prying eyes, such as a cop who pulls me over for a traffic stop, will not see them. I want cases that I can stuff places and pack around. So, hard cases are of no use to me.


And besides that, they are guns, battle weapons... not 1M$ Stradivarius violins. :D

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I know I am replying to an old thread, but hopefully this helps someone still in the market for a case/bag. Harbor Freight has a knock off Pelican case for a fraction of the price. Here is a link: https://www.harborfreight.com/9800-weatherproof-protective-rifle-case-long-black-64520.html. I have used one of these for around a year and it has been excellent. I'm sure the fit and finish is not quite as nice as a pelican, but it is durable, water tight and I have had zero issues with function. As mentioned above though, hard cases are really only good for storage or long distance transportation/travel/shipping. They are too heavy and unwieldy for everyday use, like a trip to the range or hunting. For that I'd recommend a rifle bag type set-up. Pay attention to dimensions as many shotgun-specific bags will be made for a sporting type shotgun and will be too long and not wide enough for your M4 with a pistol grip. I recommend a bag that is geared towards something like an AR-10 that has backpack straps and lots of pouches for ammo. If you are in California (like me) you will want to make sure that the zippers can be locked with a luggage lock. I understand it can be a felony to travel within 1000 ft of a school (i.e. leaving my own driveway on the way to the range) without your long gun in a locked case. 

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