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Is he really gone? Like DQ'ed? Out'a here?


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I was on leave for a while and hadn't paid much attention to this forum.  HOWEVER, I got caught up today and was laughing at his arrogance, kind demeanorcommunication skills and overall superior intellect!  Of course I noticed this when he first joined and could only say, WOW?!

It looks like the herd finally turned on him and your clever and humorous responses had me giggling.  I only have one regret, I wanted to buy some butt-ugly hand painted glossy cammo stocks for my next build.  I already have a leather codpiece, thank you.

Oh the sheer sorrow.  Or is it shear?  Or Cher? Oh, ROFL, ROFL!!

Should I really hit send...?

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Im having a really hard time believing people like him truly exist. 

He's all over the internet as a self proclaimed expert in many fields and has a small following of ignorant people in each one of them.  He has rubbed many people the wrong way to the point to where he's been sued and even his life threatened various times.  Someone described him as a highly functioning autistic or idiot savant with the disability of being incapable of conversating with people. I would have to agree with this statement but that doesn't make him any the easier to digest. 

He does an almost daily video on youtube as Theoria Apophasis, and the very day he was met with anger and disagreement here on Benelli Forums he posted THIS video in which I cannot excuse as anything other than the resistance he met on the forum. His arrogance is exhibited in all of his videos but this one is enough to make anyone with half a brain see through his thought process and even more disturbing are the supporters/commentors that hail him as a mastermind. ?

Grab a garbage can and watch this: ?


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On 11/12/2019 at 2:47 PM, jimbo45 said:

you know what saying he needs to learn? its "if you run into a**holes all day then chances are you're the a**hole."

Jimbo.., you made me think with that saying and that's a good thing.  I once said to someone I love, "If everyone disagrees with you then there is one common denominator in the discussion -- You!"  Basically, what you said!

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I don't know who that guy is here.

Only lasted a little over 2 minutes into the video, my BS cup had runneth over numerous times by then, couldn't take any more.  I come from a different generation, and his appearance alone speaks loads to me, sorry that's just who I am...


What nom de guerre does he post under here?

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