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FFT Oversized Bolt Release Button - New Product


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The larger the button, the easier it is to break the post the button is mounted to. This post is welded into the body of the stamped sheet metal latch. If you hit it hard or twist it, it can break the weld and you end up with a shitty fidget spinner.

I broke a GG$G years ago when unscrewing the pad without holding the pad with a wrench. GG$G did replace it for me.


I wish FFT had spent more time improving the latch so that it was easier/smoother to load the M4. They’re set up with a plater too, wouldn’t hurt to have the latch Np3 plated. This added value would make the price point more palatable and would possibly convince owners who already have a GG$G to upgrade. 

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3 hours ago, rubicon20032003 said:

Nice entry setup .I had a question.What’s label thing on side of it 

Thanks!  The sticker is just a UID Sticker.  You can get them from Carolina Laserworks for $10.  I have no relation with the company, just bought eight or so of their stickers over the years.  It's primarily a "cloner" thing.



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58 minutes ago, Heynowwwww said:


I installed the bolt release button.  Thanks to StrangerDanger for the awesome instructions.  Here are a couple of pictures.





I have one very similar to this one. It's been on my "daily driver" so long I forget where it came from. Never a problem with it.

I also like the looks of this one: https://www.rxarms.com/#h.p_03Hhox2MkREf 

It requires no machining, drilling, tapping or tools of any sort. Only $46 bucks

If it's too good to be true then it probably is.

Since it's a crappy day here in the socialist northeast and boredom had set in, I set my sights on making one.  Needs a tad bit of refining but

Ya know what, the darn thing works good.  Just have to find something that's a better color match for my H2O. 

Took all of 20 or 30 minutes to make. Here are a few pics....................

















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Thanks for the link alpha 33. I thought it looked much better too, so I bought one. Having read about the big button's potential weakness and seeing this paddle style assist, I'm sure this is a much more durable design, not to mention I'll be able to get two or three fingers on it making the bolt release a breeze.

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